About our client

St Clare’s is an established care home based in the heart of Hull. The owners were becoming increasingly aware of signs of ageing to the building’s boiler systems and wanted to take a proactive approach so as not to inconvenience their lovely residents. St Clare’s owners did the right thing by taking these preventative steps!

Why our client needed us

Prior to this project, we maintained the building mechanically for several years. When St. Clare’s came to us this time around as their preferred maintenance company, we found:

  1. The boilers presented signs of wear & tear, with some parts no longer in production thus in need of updating;
  2. A risk that the boilers would stop working and leave the care home without heating and hot water.

The solutions we provided:

Our works were carried out across just 4 days:

  1. We designed a new system with greater efficiency. This involved calculating heating requirements and storing hot water;
  2. We expanded the boiler room;
  3. We pre-installed a large portion of the system before `going live`, meaning the care home received minimal interruptions to its heating and hot water supplies.