About our client

St. Matthew’s Community Church recently raised enough money to have one of their communal toilet facilities refurbished (wow, what an achievement!). They have a diverse team of wonderful volunteers who required a safe, compliant, and functional bathroom to suit their personal needs. The church was delighted to be able to provide this for their volunteers.

Why our client needed us

When we met our lovely clients at St. Matthew’s Community Church, they had basic communal toilet facilities which were missing essential utilities. The facilities also needed a big refresh to make them safe and comfortable. Here are some of the problems we found:

  • Toilet facilities did not meet disabled access requirements
  • There were no baby changing facilities
  • The plumbing was damaged and there were signs of damp
  • They required working electrics

The solutions we provided

We met the budget and swiftly got to work on St. Matthew’s new bathroom facilities; our solutions included:

  • Ripping out the existing bathroom and carrying our damp works
  • Fixing the plumbing
  • Installing new electrics to accommodate a water heater, hand dryer, wall heater, light and extractor fan
  • Plastering the bathroom walls and ceiling
  • Tiling the walls and laying anti-slip safety flooring ready for the second fixing of fixtures – a height-accessible toilet, washbasin, handrails, water heater, hand dryer, wall heater, light and extractor fan, and baby changing station