Drainage system inspections using CCTV technology

CCTV drain surveying is a fast, affordable way of accessing drains and sewers that lay beneath commercial and private properties. Along with checking the condition of the pipes beneath a property, CCTV drain surveying involves setting up a live camera and snaking it through the pipes to identify drainage problems.

What is a CCTV drainage survey?


CCTV drainage surveys involve using a small, flexible camera with a live video feed to examine the conditions of your domestic pipes and plumbing. Whilst we are conducting a CCTV drainage survey, we also record video and take photos so we can refer back to them or conduct an analysis of what the issue is.

CCTV drainage surveys use `remote access technology`, which is often used in plumbing when the conditions are potentially hazardous. Along with inspecting conditions, CCTV drainage surveys are carried out when planned property maintenance is due to go ahead, especially when it involves pulling your pipes or internal plumbing around. Usually, we use strong water jetting after each CCTV drainage survey, too.

Why are CCTV drainage surveys needed?


  • Collapsed drains
  • Rodent infestation
  • Incorrect installation
  • Drain cracks & leaks
  • Weather, water, and chemical corrosion
  • General old age of pipes

Think your domestic property needs a CCTV drainage survey?

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CCTV drainage survey near me


Our qualified plumbers have 40+ years of experience, and have been conducting CCTV drainage surveys for a good portion of that time.

At WeFit, our qualified plumbers respond to CCTV drainage survey jobs in a rapid manner, and will arrive at your home within 12hrs of the job being logged.

If you are currently experiencing a drainage problem (such as a blocked toilet or leaky sink) while you await your CCTV drainage survey, call us immediately and we’ll send one of our experienced plumbers to you straight away.

Our engineers often find the following problems via CCTV drain surveying:

  • Hairline cracks;

  • Stubborn blockages;

  • Fissures;

  • Collapsed pipework;

  • Rodent infestation.

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