About our client

We recently worked on a residential project for a lovely local family. They required a safe, accessible bathroom for Mum to be able to use independently, but could not afford a full bathroom re-fit. We knew we had an alternative solution for this client, so we got to work straight away!

Why our client needed us

When we first met our client, a family member of a resident living in sheltered housing gave us a call. They were frightened that Mum would slip while climbing in and out of her bath, but they had limited funds to spend on renovating her compact bathroom and couldn’t afford to buy the accessible bathroom utilities she needed.

The solutions we provided

While completing this project, we understood two things:

1) there was limited space in the compact bathroom and,

2) the family could not afford a full bathroom re-fit. So, we had a new solution!

  • We removed the over-shower bath and replaced it with a full-length 1700mm walk-in shower
  • We managed to match up the tiles where the bath had been removed, so we reused the existing shower mixer (previously above the old bath)

Between these two steps, we created an affordable adaptation to an existing bathroom suite which met the family’s budget and gave them peace of mind that Mum could access the shower with ease when they were not there.