About our client

Ruskin Chambers of Scale Lane, Hull, is based in the old town. Their building was previously occupied by a local law firm until a property developer purchased the building and turned it into multi-occupancy apartments. Thereafter, Ruskin Chambers moved into the building and used one of the apartments as their new office.

Why our client needed us

When the building was divided into flats, they were of course fitted with kitchens, bathrooms, and other essential amenities you’d expect. Though, the heating and hot water systems were not upgraded during the refurbishment, so they quickly began to fail. When Ruskin Chambers came to us, we found:

  1. A failing heating system
  2. Low water pressure
  3. Insufficient volume of hot water with slow recovery

The solutions we provided

We quickly got to work on our client’s project. Here are the solutions we provided, which were calculated and designed by our in-house plumbing and heating division:

  1. We supplied & installed a new commercial boiler system with energy-efficient heat recovery. This dramatically improved performance and running costs for the landlord/tenants.
  2. We also supplied & installed a large-capacity cylinder. This improved hot and cold water delivery and pressure throughout.