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Your guide to gas appliance maintenance checks

Annual gas appliance maintenance checks apply to every home equipped with Type A  gas appliances – like hot water systems, white goods, kitchen accessories that run on gas, and more. If your gas appliance maintenance checks are still outstanding, it’s best to arrange them before the one-year mark passes. Regular gas appliance maintenance checks exist to keep you and your family safe while you’re at home. 

What are Type A gas appliances?

The vast majority of gas appliances found in the home are categorised as Type A. To get your checks done, you’ll need to find a gas fitter who has completed their Certificate III in Gas Fitting. This type of qualified gas fitter will carry on checks on your:

  • Hot water system (boiler);
  • Kitchen appliances including stovetops & hobs, fridge (if gas-powered);
  • Kitchen accessories such as pizza ovens, fryers, or BBQs;
  • White goods – for example, your washing machine and dryer.  

Type B gas appliances typically apply to those found in workplaces or industrial settings, so please don’t worry about those when booking your annual check. 

Why do I need annual gas appliance maintenance checks?

Getting your gas appliances checked on an annual basis can prevent gas leaks and greatly lower the risk of carbon monoxide exposure. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that causes headaches, sickness & vomiting, and dizziness. Another way you can help protect your family in between annual checks, is by installing a carbon monoxide alarm, which will sound if it detects the gas within your home. If you’re struggling to install your alarm, you can always ask a qualified gas fitter to help you. 

Which annual gas appliance maintenance checks will be done?

Your gas appliance maintenance checks should be completed by a Gas Safe Engineer, or Certificate III Qualified Gas Fitter. Some of the checks include:

  1. Checking the gas pipe connections;
  2. Checking the appliance is set up correctly;
  3. Checking associated safety devices are working;
  4. And many more.

For more information ahead of booking your annual gas appliance maintenance check, please call our experienced team on 01482 665106 today.